A Russian model and influencer with KK-cup breasts admit she was bullied by peers over her naturally growing cleavage and is still shamed in the streets to this day by people who have issues with her body.

Anastasia Berthier says that her large chest is 100% natural but that hasn’t stopped cruel remarks from total strangers.

Back in 2006, her chest used to belong to the A-B cup size, but during her teenage years, they grew to be an E-cup by the time she reached adolescence.

Even then, she was a target for the mean comments.

Her classmates would often shame her with names such as “fatty” or “little piggy” when she was only 11 years old.

Kids can be cruel, and growing up and being given names wasn’t just a child’s play.

Anastasia had to deal with growing complexes regarding her extra weight that was a result of constant bullying from her classmates and family.

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Сейчас мы погружены в социальные сети, жизнь каждого из нас можно проследить именно там. Хорошо это или плохо – вопрос вечный, ответ на который мы не сможем найти. Побочный эффект распространения социальных сетей – это привычка складывать мнение о человеке, посмотрев его фото. ⠀ "Эта девушка выложила фото в купальнике, значит она слишком доступная" или "Одни фотографии в зеркале – глупая" Но неужели нужно строить образ человека (плохой или хороший), если ты с ним не знаком лично? ⠀ Я считаю,что нет. У каждого из нас разные представления о том, что хорошо, а что плохо. Одни, восхищаются картинами и античными скульптурами или культуристами в стрингах, но презирают девушек, выкладывающих фото в купальнике, особенно девушек с формами. Разве это справедливо? Человеческое тело прекрасно, и прелесть в том что все мы разные. ⠀ Я думаю,что не стоит строить образ человека в голове, думать о нем плохо, только посмотрев его фото в социальных сетях. Пообщавшись или попытавшись проанализировать личность человека немного глубже, вы будете вероятно удивлены, какой он на самом деле. ⠀ Now we are totally live in social networks, the life of each of us can be tracked on Instagram or Facebook. Good or bad – the eternal question, the answer to which we can not find. The side effect of the proliferation of social networks is the habit of making an opinion about a person by looking at his photo on Instagram. ⠀ "This girl posted a photo in a bathing suit, then she is too open minded " or " she post mirror looks -she is stupid" But do you really need to build an image of a person (good or bad) if you don’t know him personally? ⠀ I don’t think so. Each of us has different ideas about what is good and what is bad. Some people admire the antiques sculptures and art fitness guys posing in strings but they shame girls for posting pictures in bikini, especially girls with curves! Is it fair? Human body is beautiful, and best think that we all different! ⠀ I think that we shouldn’t build an image of a person in the head, based only on his photo on social networks. If you to talk a little or analyze a person's personality a little deeper, you will probably be surprised at how different he is

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She decided to go on a diet, choosing extreme ways to do it.

When she left school, the rude comments continued on the streets. They were coming at her from people she had never met, with comments directed mostly at her chest size.

People seemed intimidated by her chest size, which grew up to a KK-size cup. These awkward situations led her to question her self-worth and lose her self-esteem.

Once this model and influencer accepted her beauty as unique and became confident with her body shape, she realized how beautiful and special she is.

She understood that imposing standards of beauty are not the only way to be and feel special.


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